DS-APPBASE is a project to simplify the development of applications with DEVKITpro, specifically for the Nintendo DS Lite.

The need for something like this grew from my encountering more and more odd-ball projects, which used stranger and stranger versions of makefiles, and people complaining that they couldn't work out how to change the makefiles to do what they wanted

Download & Installation

Binaries and full source-code is available for download at the SourceForge project page - the source code may also be browsed in the SVN repository.

Whilst many libraries try to be friendly and allow the user to install them anyway, this one doesn't. The ds-appbase directory must be created directly in the DEVKITpro directory, and must be called ds-appbase.

DS-APPBASE expects you to structure your 3rd-party libraries (like PALib and Woopsi) in a specific directory structure, parallel to the ds-appbase directory.


DEVKITpro The makefiles merely call the tools provided by the DEVKITpro team; full credit to them for providing such a useful toolset. Logo Thanks go to SourceForge for their support of open source programmers, their provision of such a valuable resource and their speedy response to all my queries.